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How do you count your days?

Our rental days are based on a 24 hour period: the time you pick up your rental is the time it is due back.


How reliable are your cars?

Our cars are very reliable. We employ our own technicians who service the cars on a routine basis, and the cars receive a full safety check at each service.


What happens if my rental car breaks down?

If in the event of a breakdown or other unforseen circumstance, give us a call during normal office hours and we will send out a technician to get you going again.
For after hours issues, we offer service through RACV and RACQ.


Am I covered if I lock the keys in the car?

No. Our roadside cover does not include non-mechanical call-outs such as locking your keys in the car, losing your keys, running out of petrol, etc. A call-out fee may apply – ask in-store.


Can I return the car to another Rent a Bomb location?

No. The car needs to be returned to the location it was rented from.


Can I return the car outside of office hours?

No. All cars are to be returned during office hours. If you return the car outside of our office hours it will be parked at your own risk and considered to be your responsibility until the car is checked in by a rental officer. Click here to see our office hours.


How old do I have to be?

You need to be at least 23 years of age to rent a car from us. An age surcharge of $10.00 per day applies to drivers 23 - 24 years of age when renting a premium car.


Can I get someone else to rent the car and I drive if I am too young to rent the car myself?

No. All drivers need to have their details and signatures on the rental agreement in order to be covered for any damages.


How can I pay for the rental?

You can pay with either cash or credit card for our saver cars, or with a credit card if you’re renting a premium car.

You are required to pay for the rental and bond/deposit when you pick up the vehicle.


Can I pay on return?

No. The rental and bond/deposit needs to be paid in advance.


Can someone else pay on my behalf with their credit card?

Yes, but all parties will need to sign the rental agreement.


How far can I travel with your cars?

Our saver cars are only permitted within the metropolitan area, approximately a 50 kilometre radius from the city centre (see area of use maps). Some travel is permitted beyond this boundary for a small fee – ask in store for details.

Premium cars are permitted to travel anywhere within the state they are rented in.


Do you provide baby seats?

We do not stock baby seats, nor are we licenced to fit them. However if we are given at least 48 hours notice we can organise baby seats to be delivered to the branch at an extra cost.